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DanDan is a business development professional, sales leader and author. He has developed Sales Deconstructed with a conviction that sales is an essential profession; though often misunderstood, feared, avoided or completed without the right purpose.

With a focus on complex, advice based sales solutions, Sales Deconstructed was created to help re-engineer how businesses develop and execute their sales strategy to ensure they are focused on selling with purpose (clearly focused on the value they add) and on purpose (targeted at the clients that value most resonates with) –  working to improve their clients position with a strategic and disciplined focus on how the business delivers tangible value.

Recognising you can hire great sales people, but if the company sales culture is flawed, success is hard fought for – it starts with sweeping the top of the stairs.  Working with business owners to define their sales strategy, followed by their execution plans and then orientating the sales teams towards this vision.  With a strong sales culture, a sales team can realise it’s full potential.

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LinkedIn: View Dan Symons's LinkedIn profile View Dan Symons’s profile

Twitter: @dan_symons

If you have feedback or wish to contact Dan – he’d love to hear from you.  Email him at dan.symons@salesdeconstructed.com

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