No ‘I’ In Team

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThe life of sales person can, at times, seem lonely.  Out of the office or on the road visiting relentlessly with customers – existing and prospective alike.  Solely accountable for your sales quota.

Yet, seldom is a sales person working in isolation.  More often than not, sales people are usually surrounded by many people assisting them.  Sales managers – helping them to succeed.  A product team – generating new and better solutions for your clients.   A marketing team – generating interest your solutions.  A sales peer group – similarly focused on improving their clients situation.  A support team – completing the administrative aspects of the sales person’s life.  A implementation team – implementing and delivering on many of the solutions promised to clients.

Sales is a team sport.  Very few sales people can deliver exceptional service to their clients without an exceptional team supporting them and their clients.  Sales professionals are aware of this – they are aware that managing their internal brand and their trusted internal network is as, if not more, important than the relationships they have with their clients.

Great sales people take the time to engage their manager.  They communicate regularly their successes and their learns.   They narrate their pipeline regularly so their manager knows what is happening – without having to ask.  They sign post problems and they engage their manager for support when required.

Great sales people take the time to engage their support team.  They inform them of their work in progress so their support team know what’s approaching them and can be prepared.   They consult with them to ensure, once onboarded, what is being discussed with the client can actually happen.   They give their support team clear line of sight to their clients and are prepared to trust and delegate rather than dictate.

Great sales people take the time to engage their implementation team.  They engage them early in the sales process.  They ensure their implementation team knows what is important to their client, what is crucial.  They allow the implementation team, as experts, to lead this process.  To deliver the sale.   They check in on the process, but don’t micro-manage it.

Great sales people take the time to engage their product and marketing team.  The provide feedback as to what they are seeing in the market to improve their teams awareness.  They engage to learn the idiosyncrasies of their products/services to best maximise the value to their clients.  They engaged to understand what campaigns are being planned to best understand how to leverage this.

Great sales people take the time to engage their peers.   They share their successes without ego, with the intent to help others.  They seek out other successful people to understand why they succeed.  They actively participate in their team – they are present and accountable.  The mentor junior staff and role model leadership within the team.

When things go wrong, they don’t look to apportion blame – they know everyone in their team was trying their hardest, are equally disappointed with the outcome, will learn from the loss and it won’t happen again.

Great sales people realise there is no ‘I’ in team and, in order to succeed, everyone needs to be working together.  Working to improve the clients position.  Working to provide exceptional service.

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