Watch Your Heart

fireworks_heart_by_pictureperfect96-d47pbdt‘Lifeblood’ is a term we hear.  Something of importance.  To us, as humans, blood is crucial to us.  However, all the blood in the world won’t help if you don’t have a heart to pump it.

In a business sense, revenue is the blood of a company.  It fuels the business to continue performing cycle after cycle.  As a result, it gets a strong amount of attention.  Sales is the exchange of a commodity for money.   It turns what a company does in to money, in to ‘life blood’.  As a result, much of the reporting focuses on the production of revenue.  How much is sold and at what margin.

But what about the heart?  If revenue is the blood, and sales generate the revenue – service is the heart.  The service culture is what keeps the revenue circulating.

What is service?  It is the act of helping someone.  It is, and should be, why we sell.  It is this intent, this desire to help our clients, which is the heart of the business.  Our desire to improve their position which provides us the opportunity to sales.  Service, great service at that, leads to sales.  We measure sales at our peril if we neglect measuring our service levels.  How much we’ve helped our clients – in their eyes.

Longevity in sales results comes from a purpose to help your clients.  From service.   This means not just your front lines sales force, but those who support and manage them.  The organisation as a whole needs to be focused on great service.

So should we focus on how many widgets we sold, or how selling these helped our clients?  Surely our advice is our heart in business?

Undeniably a business needs revenue to survive, but for how long depends on it’s heart.  Its desire to service its clients.  To improve their position.  Not just sell to them.

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