Motivate Internally – For All Sales Leaders

Here is a TEDX presentation by Dan Pink on The Puzzle Of Motivation.

Dan Pink – Motivation

As sales leaders, many carrots and sticks are used to ensure our sales team stays on task, achieves their goals. Don’t we?  Well, truth be told, it is often about ensuring they achieve the company’s goals in reality.  Not theirs.  And this is where motivation is flawed.

Dan suggests 3 factors.  Autonomy – you should hire and employ people who are able and willing to do their job and do it properly without governance.  Mastery – you should hire and employ people who are driven to become better and better at what they do.  And, finally, Purpose – hiring and employing people who do their job for a purpose.  They know why they do it.

Having worked with sales teams, the best performers often excel despite the financial reward structures and would always succeed even if they weren’t there.  So why have them?  Some financial reward systems in sales can result in not only unproductive behaviour, but unethical.  Especially if that ‘purpose’ for the sales person becomes achieving the reward, rather than helping the client.

With all the research to the contrary, one does need to ask why business persist with a flawed model of motivation.

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