Don’t Chase Unicorns


Shhhh – don’t tell my daughter, but unicorns don’t exist. However to her, they’re real. She believes in them and I love her innocence for it, but I hope she doesn’t dedicate much time and energy toward trying to find them.

Unicorns don’t exist in sales either – yet many sales people still believe in them and wait for them. What is a sales unicorn?

The perfect client
The perfect time to call that prospect
The perfect situation to add value
The perfect introduction
The perfect opportunity to close the deal

Too many sales people wait for all the stars to align to act, the perfect storm.  So what happens is they don’t act.  They are waiting for unicorns.  They are waiting for something which is likely to never occur.

Seldom in life, let alone sales, can the word perfect truly be used.  Sometimes you will chance upon the ideal client and everything will line up – but this is an exception, not a rule.

Don’t let the pursuit of sales unicorns be the reason for inaction, as your competitors may not be. They may be making the most of an imperfect situation and be contentedly riding horses all day long.

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