Think-positiveChoose to call that prospect

Choose to visit that client

Choose to put selling before admin

Choose to recognise positive contributions by team members

Choose to be optimistic and happy

Choose to enjoy your job

Negativity isn’t something thrust upon you.  It isn’t environmental.  It is a choice.  It is choice to focus on the worst possibility, the cloud rather than the silver lining.

Sales is hard enough as a profession, but harder still if wrap negative views around you and what you do.   When a team member lets you down – challenge your default position to condemn them, instead realise they are already possibly doing it themselves and expecting you to follow suit.  Instead – choose to support them.   When the client sale falls through – choose not to become despondant, but instead choose to focus your energies on the next client.

We all have a choice over all but a handful of things in life – the biggest two choices we can exercise are choosing to use our time positively and wisely and choosing to do so with a positive mindset.

Exercise that choice.


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