Be Happy Then Successful…

Have a watch of this TedX video by Shawn Achor

The content of this resonates highly within an industry like sales.  It is easy in sales to be successful but unhappy.  Successful, but worried.  Worried about achieving sales targets.  Worried about client satisfaction.  Worried about team feedback and the list goes on.

And, no matter what worry is addressed today, a new worry will replace it tomorrow.   A new stress will always fill the void of a banished one.

As sales people, we live in a highly measured environment with leaderboards, targets, cross sell ratios and client satisfaction to name but a few.  It is therefore very easy to fall in to the trap of a negative mindset.  Or certainly a pessimistic one.

Shawn was completely correct in the statement that if we view that we have to be successful to be happy, we’ll never be happy.  Success is a moving objective.   We hit a sales targets one year, we have a momentary glimpse of happiness until the new financial year starts and our results are reset and new targets are struck.

If we’re happy – we’re already successful.  It is a choice.

I challenge you to watch this video, listen to it and take on board the goal to be happy first, then successful.  It sounds easy – easier than it is to execute.

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