Rich Black

diamond-316610_640Rich Black is a printer term – it refers to the fact that an ink mixture of solid black over one or more of the other colours resulting in a darker tone than black ink alone generates in a printing process. It improves the tone of the black.

The question arises – does the client care or is it simply a printers eye for detail?

Now think about this from a sales perspective – often, so much more activity happens behind what the clients sees to give them the product or service they need. Sometimes we feel compelled to tell them all of this – to justify why things take a long time, why things cost what they do, or just to prove to them how much effort we expended giving them the solution or how complex it was. Do they care? Like the printers client – they just see black. They just want black. They just buy black.

Most clients don’t care what is involved in giving them the solution.  This often happens when you have technicians selling.   Often the technical details are important to them so they feel they should tell the client.

When should you tell them though?

When those things contribute to the value of what your providing. When they make the subtle or significant difference to your offer which, unless not explained, may go unnoticed. Ever buy a piece of technology and find out 12 months later about a great feature it does and wished you’d known sooner? Don’t give away value on features of your products which you may consider standard or ‘normal’ but make a material difference to your client and possibly their buying decision.

If what you’re doing saves the clients time or money, provides them convenience, makes them money, provides security or makes them feel better – tell them. If not, it usually isn’t something that they value and therefore want to hear.

A printer could talk to you for ages about the merits of using rich black over plain black because it’s important to them, they’re technicians. But it only matters if the clients values it enough to factor it in to their buying decision.



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