Be An Advisor

Selling isn’t about shifting product to clients.  It is about improving a client’s position.  Whether this is:

  • reducing some real or perceiving risks they’re facing or could face
  • Helping them capture an opportunity they’re facing or weren’t aware of
  • Improving margins through cost reductions or time efficiency
  • Making them feel better about themselves

It is about asking questions to understand which of the above the client is faced with, how important it is to them and whether they’re motivated to do something about it.  Then, and only then, it is about offering a solution to improve their position.

At the initial stages of the sales process, a relationship is more important than a transaction.  A relationship tells you why the transaction makes sense.  How it improves the clients position.  The difference it makes to them and how motivated they are to act on any solution put to them.

If you do this properly, selling is easier as you understand why the client is looking to purchase a solution.  It focuses your solution on the client’s emotional drivers (Explore the Emotion).  It allows you to look at the return on investment from the clients perspective and shape your proposal accordingly making it meaningful to them.

It provides a consultative rather than transactional experience for your client.

Doing this makes you an advisor, not sales person.


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