I’ll Scratch Your Back

The power of positive feedback is not anything new to us. Receiving unexpected and unconditional positive feedback are excellent reinforcers and motivators. They are simple to give and, in doing so, provide similar value to the provider as to the recipient.  They are powerful because they aren’t given with any expectation or strings attached. (Read here for more: http://positive-strokes.blogspot.co.nz/)

When it comes to referrals – why then in sales do we often refer differently?

We often refer because we want one in return – I’ll scratch your back if you scratch mine.  We refer conditionally. We refer with the expectation of reciprocity – not simply because it is the best thing to do. We mentally keep score, sometimes even make a game of it.

You should refer within your network because someone has a problem that needs solving. An opportunity that needs realising. A gap that needs closing.

You should trust your referral will be paid forward or back. Not expect it. Not refer with guilt attached. You scratch their back. End of.


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