But I’m Not A Sales Person

dA___no_more_salesNot every one in a sales organisation is explicitly charged with selling. They may not hold the role of ‘Business Development Manager’, ‘Client Manager’ etc. They may not have responsible for managing clients, championing a product or closing deals with clients.

However, one thing is true in largely every ‘for profit’ organisation – it would stop existing if the revenue line in the Profit and Loss Statement was zero.

Whilst only some in an organisation are clearly measured on sales – as a whole, most organisations’ purpose for being is revenue. How then can anyone within it suggest they aren’t responsible for sales?

Whether this is supporting those who are selling, adminstration, logistics or being directly responsible for sales – EVERYONE in an organisation is a ‘sales responsible’. Everything they do is focused on the revenue line as, without it, there isn’t a business to work for. For example – even if your role is managing costs, these costs only exist because there’s a client willing to buy your product/services.

The sole responsibility for sales doesn’t sit exclusively on the sales teams/departments shoulders – it is carried by all within the business. Everyone should be looking for opportunities to grow the top line, all the time.

Everyone should be challenging the business to sell more and do so more efficiently.

Everyone has the ability to improve a businesses top line.

Every conversation within the business should be focused on those that generate that revenue – the client.

Challenge anyone in an organisation that says ‘But I’m Not a Sales Person’


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