Happy Customers

smiley-163510_640Sales teams and people are measured on various metrics. Ultimately, this boils down to results – outputs. Often there are activity levels so that sales management can also be comforted that the sales team are exercising the correct inputs. This is particularly true where the sales cycle is either long or lumpy.

However, sales teams are also charged, and sometimes measured, on making sure their clients are happy & satisfied. That the level of service they receive is at, or preferably above, what they expect. The nirvana is they adore the service so much, they’re advocates. They rave about your service

Which is more important to measure? Happiness

Which is easier to measure? Results

Which is usually more important to the business? Results

Which is usually more important to their clients? Happiness

Happy clients refer more business to you

Happy clients stay with you longer

Happy clients value the relationship – so price is less relevant

Happy clients are easier, and usually cheaper, to work with

Happy clients tend to over look service issues more readily if/when they arise

Results usually come when clients are happy. They are harder to come by when clients aren’t.

Sales is a service industry – yet it continually measures the output rather than the emotion. Surely, given it is about the client, it should be measured using their yardstick not ours?


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