Cart Before Horse

imageProspecting is hard – winning clients harder still. There are many strategies. Many perceived ways of going about it.

Many though, don’t think to put the cart before the horse. By this I mean they make grandiose promises of what value the prospect can expect or will receive once they become a client, but don’t show them until the client commits. Ironically, promised value is often valueless until they see it.

This is particularly true where the prospect has heard these promises before, but failed to see execution.

It is easy to say what you’ll do, it is harder to be authentic and deliver on it.

Why don’t sales people do this? Possibly because it’s ‘showing your hand’. Or because the risk of expending the effort and not winning the client in the end. Or because they just don’t think to. Or, worse, because the promises are empty.

Prospects should choose you because you SHOW meaningful value, not because you promise it.

Show your prospects what it’s like to be client of yours, then ask them the become one.


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