Do You Have Your Why Crossed?

5614813544_a30d693a50_oSome people undertake sales because they view they have to, or they’re told to.  Some people are in sales roles, but don’t like the sales activity.   They.  Don’t. Want. To.

If you call or approach a client from this position – customers feel it.    Sure, you can say all the right things, but do you mean them?  Do you want to help the client and make a difference to them and their business?

Undertaking sales activity because you view you have to or are told to isn’t sustainable.  It is human nature to resist being told to do something or feeling you have to. They still ‘want to’ do it – but the reason is fear based – fear of reprisal of not doing it.  Not because they want to under take the activity itself.

You need to adjust your mindset to want to do it.

We enjoy the things we want to do.  We overcome obstacles to do the things we want to do.  We hunger to get better at the things we want to do.

When I say ‘want to do it’ – I don’t mean the activity itself – for example making a call.   I mean the act of wanting to connect with a person and business to understand can you add meaningful value to them and their business.  This is the why.  The call is just the how, the products just the what.

Sales success doesn’t come from what you sell or the process you follow…it comes from your purpose, your why, your compulsion to want to make a meaningful difference to your client.

You ask questions wanting to know and act on the answers because you geniunely care, you drive solutions to their problems and create opportunities for them.

For sales managers – this plays out as well.  Until your staff member wants to improve themself, wants to grow their sales skills, wants to understand why they aren’t as successful as they feel they should be – no amount of training/coaching will work.  Your sole focus as a sales manager is creating this want internally in them so they drive their own growth and development.

When you get your ‘why’ right – sales is not only easier, but far more enjoyable both for you and your client.


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