The Science of Sales

ImageIf you view sales as a science experiment – there are four reactants that, when combined, result in your sales product. These are:

People: This is about the relationship between you, your team and the client.  This is about developing and maintaining trust and credibility.

Purpose: This is the why – why you wish to do business with your client/prospect and vice versa.  This is can measure the ‘meaningfulness’ of the relationship.

Product: This is what you are offering and what it provides to your client/prospect

Price: This is what is costs your clients/prospect to do business with you.

The one thing that doesn’t vary is the volume of the beaker you’re putting the ingredients in – this is finite.

What does all this mean?

In short, as a sales professional you have to choose the most appropriate mix of reactants to result in a success outcome for you and your client. There are some interesting things to consider here:

  1.  If you choose not to use People or Purpose – your beaker is full of Price and Product. This may work for you based on what you’re selling – but make sure it is a conscious and considered strategy to not use People or Product.
  2. The more you fill your beaker with People or Purpose, the less you have to use Product and Price
  3. The order is also important like any good experiment. Combining the wrong can be disastrous as can adding them to soon.  For example – adding Price soon after People can negate the effects of People or adding Product first can mean you can’t add People and Purpose later.

As a sales professional, you expertise lies in choosing when to use the above sales ingredients in the right mix at the right time. Also, you appreciate that the more of People and Purpose you use – the less you have to use Price and Product, sometimes if at all.

The most difficult factor is it is your client who determines whether the combination is successful – your biggest focus is responding to their feedback and adjusting the combination as you go.


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