Mean It

Sales training is something we’ve all undertaken and, in essence, it is what this content is about.

 We’ve spent hours working through the sales process, its various stages and how to deal with objections throughout.

Often, this is distilled down to either a hard script (exactly what you say) or a soft script (a framework) to help sales people work their way through to a successful conclusionwith their clients

Many of us have worked with sales people who can, with seeming ease, pick up a phone, ring a client they’ve never spoken to before and secure a meeting.  With enthusiasm, and after talking to them, we follow their script and ring and fail.

 Similarly, we’ve all worked with the person who says anything to close the sale.  Sometimes they get caught out directly in their manipulations but whether they get caught out or not, everyone knows and their credibility is affected.

Why is this?

Success in sales doesn’t come from blindly following a script, prescribed process or self serving sales.  Real success comes in sales not through saying the right things, it comes through meaning them!

Believe what you say, deliver on what you say, mean what you say.


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