Ensure You Arrive At Your Destination On Time

A pilot determines where they’re heading – the ends – but more importantly, they also determine how they will get there – the means.  They do a pre-flight inspection of their plane, set their waypoints, assess where they need to refuel along the way (if at all), they assess there weight and distribution to assess there takeover speed etc. 

Yes, knowing the destination is important for a pilot as this is where their passengers expect to end up – but the planning ensures they get there and get there on time.  Also, once in the air, they are continually assessing the situation to make changes as the situation alters- eg weather

Why do we assume selling is any different? 

The previous post mentioned we need to sit down and plan the year ahead.  It also briefly touched on the need to review this weekly (ideally).  This is actually the most important part of planning.  Reviewing regularly keeps the plan from become a dream.

What should you be pre/reviewing weekly?

  •  Review
    • Successes and failures – why did/didn’t your actions work.  Replicate the successes, mitigate the lost opporturtunities
    • Productive v Non-Productive activities.  There will usually always be some non-productive activities in any role, but ensure this is at a minimum and doesn’t become the excuse/reason behind your not being productive
    • Relationship Development – soft sales.  Are you doing enough relationship development today which will pay dividends in the future.  Note:  I used relationship rather than business development
    • Do you need any training/development
  • Preflight Inspection
    • What appointments do you have coming up
    • What work have you committed to deliver from previous appointments
    • What actions do you need to do prior to these activities to make them a success.  
    • Who do you need to engage with internally or externally to support this activity’s success
    • Advise your team of your coming activities 
  • Weather Check
    • Has the market changed which requires you to adjust your direction.
    • Have your prospects’ situations altered which requires you to adjust your strategy
    • Does any competitor activity require your attention. 
    • Do any of your intermediaries need your attention
    • Do you need to work on any internal relationships to support your success
    • Are your workload and commitments manageable?
  •  Arrivals Board
    • Are you on plan to arrive at your destination on time?
    • Do you need to adjust your route

 Repeated success isn’t an accident.  It requires planning and, more importantly, regular review.  Even the best the laid plans need to be adapted as the situation demands.  Sometimes we need to take a new route to our destination.

30 minutes planning at the beginning or end or each week for the coming weeks is invaluable.  It helps ensure you get to your destination on time


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