Are You Uncomfortable?

Most people realise in time growth comes from being out of ones comfort zone – in our challenge zone.

However, spending time in the challenge zone is taxing as it requires far more effort than sitting in our comfort zone so we often don’t spend as much time in it as we should.  It is, be definition, uncomfortable.
This can play out often in sales – we do what we know, what we expect to work, what we think our clients want and like – we stay in our comfort zones.
But what if our clients comfort zone is completely different from ours?
What if staying in our comfort zone doesn’t allow us to be meaningful to our clients?
What if our comfort zone prevents us from connecting with our prospects?
Selling isn’t easy – in fact, being successful in sales in the long term often requires considerable time to be spent being uncomfortable.  Some skills are easy, others constantly challenge us.
Have you ever stopped to think about whether the amount of time you spend in your comfort zone prevents you from further success?
It manifests itself in many ways.  Take Cold Calling (some of you just cringed).  What are the ‘excuses’ behind sales peoples distaste of this?
– It doesn’t work
– It has a low hit rate
– Clients hate being cold called
and the list goes on.
What, more often than not, is the real reason?  You don’t like it.  You rationalise the other excuses to justify staying your comfort zone.  What do you miss? 
Ever seen a sales person be successful over a period only to slowly fall away?  Could it be because they become comfortable and don’t challenge themselves?
Sure most of us can’t spend our entire life outside of our comfort zone – but growth doesn’t come it we don’t. 
Is it time you become uncomfortable more often?


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