You’re The Audience…

A lot of effort goes in to a sales person convening a meeting with a client – in the prospecting space, it is the core function of business development.  Secure Time With A Prospect – a business development mantra.

Then, once secured, you spend further time planning and preparing for the meeting to maximise the time with the prospect.

At the meeting, you are so prepared with as litany of things to discuss – you run through everything, not missing a beat and in a heart beat the meeting is over.

Sound familiar?  Who did most of the talking? 

It is easy to over prepare for a prospect meeting in the excitement of securing it.  Yes, preparation is important but the purpose of a meeting should be to understand more about the client and determine can you and should you do business together.  It isn’t to talk at the client about all the things you can do for them – more often than not, you don’t know enough about them to tell them this yet.

It is easy in sales, when establishing a meeting with a client, to treat them as the audience.  Nothing is further from the truth however.  THEY should have YOUR attention – YOU ARE THE AUDIENCE.


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