I’m Glad You’re Happy With Your Current Supplier

‘I am quite happy with my current supplier’ or ‘I’m not looking to change suppliers’

Is this an ‘objection’ or a statement of fact?  In sales, we view this as an ‘objection’ – but is it?

For some who despise direct sales – this is the perfect excuse to thank them for their time and exit the conversation striking a number against their sales activity and reinforcing in their head why direct selling doesn’t work and is a waste of time.

There are some scenarios to consider here amongst other possibilities

  1. The are genuinely happy with their supplier and their supplier with them.  The relationship is more of  a partnership. 
  2. They think they are happy with their current supplier as nothing is going wrong.  They may be oblivious to what they don’t know and what they could be getting. 
  3. It is merely the business equivilent of ‘I am just looking’ that the retail sector gets as they’re busy etc

Having completed your preparation properly before making the call, you understand that they are a desireable client.  You want to work with them or at least explore the potential to do so – hence your call.

Should you expect that if you view them as a desirable client – their existing supplier does as well? 

If you were their current supplier, would you want your clients to convey this level of loyalty and satisfaction?

The very reason you’re calling is why they are happy with their current supplier – they are a good business.  This isn’t an objection – it is an indication that this is the very type of client you want to work with.

Should you then go in to every call expecting this response and be able to deal with it? 

It isn’t the reason to stop making direct calls – it is the indication you’re making the right ones!


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