Square Peg, Square Hole

Customers don’t need to alter to fit your business, you need to alter to fit the clients need!

Ever been a client and had a conversation along the lines of ‘In order to improve our service to you, we’ve changed what we do, you now need to do X’?  Did the improved service actually eventuate?  In most cases it doesn’t. 

A paraphrase of this statement in many instances is ‘In order to make your interaction with us more efficient and therefore reduce the cost of doing business with you so we make more money off each interaction, you now need to change what you were doing and do it this way’.

The tail wags the dog.  You should, within the realms of sensibility, do business with clients the way they want.

Clients don’t have to do business with you and, when they are, why give them the excuses to reconsider this decision.  Unless your client wants to alter the way the do business with you or, geniunely, the change does improve their experience – resist pushing your internal issues out to the client to resolve.

If your client is a square peg, you become a square hole.


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