Do I Need To Cold Call For Ever?

There is much rhetoric around cold calling within sales and how established sales people stop cold calling as they ‘no longer need to’. Do you need to cold call for the rest of your career? Well, no you don’t need to. Should you? Without a doubt! You may do less of it – but you should always do it. An introduction from your network is still a cold call – it has just been pre-positioned with your prospect. As you become successful at sales – the NEED to do cold calls reduces as more business should come your way through your network. This doesn’t mean you stop doing them. There are many viable reasons to do them: – Your network doesn’t include the person you wish to talk with – It is a new market you are wishing to explore and you have no contacts – Your network is pointed to the wrong people within an organisation – To speed up the introduction process – You don’t have anyone willing to refer you in Any one asking the question ‘Do I Need To Cold Call Forever?’ is usually looking for reasons to justify their internal resistance to doing them. Ask yourself a question: Am I choosing not to cold calling because I don’t want to (for whatever reason)?. By not doing them you are making a decision for your prospects – why not give them the chance to tell you they don’t wish to do business with you rather than make the assumption from the outset. You may be surprised with the outcome. The questions people should ask is ‘What Am I Missing Out On By Not Doing Them?’ and ‘How Many Should I Be Doing?’ Cold Calling works. It is a necessary, surprisingly simple, valuable and, when done properly, very enjoyable part of the sales toolkit.


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