What’s Stopping Me?

Life is often about the things we can’t do or the things that stop us from doing the things we want to do.

Sales is no different – we live in an excuse rich environment when selling.  Existing clients need things done, we need to fill in forms and reports for our business, internal meetings and a plethora of other things take our attention and time away from selling.

The issue is though – these are just excuses.  Ask yourself – are they the reason?

I bet they’re not – the excuses take precedent because YOU let them.  You are the reason in most instances.  Sure, some things have to be done.  But, in a sales role, so does selling – isn’t this what you’re hired for? 

It is easy to blame something external for what we can’t do when, in reality, it is ourself that is often the real reason. 


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