What’s memorable…

What creates a memory?  What makes something stick in a clients mind as important?

Often we struggle as the very memories we hold as dear to ourselves, believing they shaped who we are, as milestones in life or other key life experiences aren’t remembered as vividly (or at all) by those we know or who even participated.  We’ve all experienced these ‘Remember when…’ conversations.

The reason is plainly obvious – we remember them because they were important to us – our memory system opted to catalogue them at the time or on reflection because our (un)concious put a ‘bookmark’ there for future reference.  Others don’t remember them because they were probably significantly less important to them.

Why is this important in sales?  It is not important to recall and/or focus on what is important or memorable to us but to focus on the experience of the client.

You want the client to leave with a strong memory/connection – what you remember is important, but no where near as much as the memories of the client – as it is their memories which will reopen the door, not yours.

Next time you leave a meeting, don’t think about how you thought the meeting went, think about what your client thought…


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