Welcome To Sales Deconstructed

Welcome To Sales Deconstructed

Sales Deconstructed provides sales consultancy services to businesses, sales teams and sales professionals.

Whether new to business and looking to form an effective business development strategy or an established business who is either looking to widen your pipeline, improve your conversions or need to explore new markets – we can help.

Business development can be an intimidating function within business.  SD specialises in working with B2B businesses with a technical orientation (think knowledge based business such as legal, accounting, HR and other service based activities) better understand and develop their sales strategy and form simple practices to execute this strategy effectively.  Not just creating deeper and more value rich relationships with their existing and new clients – but making the process more enjoyable.

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Business development can be broken down in to 5 key areas.

SD initially undertakes a capability assessment in each area to determine where both strengths and areas for development exist.  SD then provides a framework to growth business development capability – looking to accentuate existing strengths within the business and development capability to mitigate any gaps.


SD provides services across:

  1. Business Purpose With A Sales Lens
  2. Business Development Strategy & Execution
  3. Sales Team/Person Effectiveness
  4. Understanding Your Ideal Clients
  5. Understanding and Delivering Client Value
  6. Pipeline Formation and Conversion
  7. Growing Sales Through Building An Effective Referral Process

If it is business development related, we can help and we want to hear from you.

Feel free to email us if you have a question.

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